Large scale event needing event management to stop it getting out of control

How many times have we been told over the last four decades that the world of festivals and events is out of control?

It seems that over the last century, most of the lessons learnt have been adopted by the industry. Unfortunately sometimes, we do fail to learn from previous mistakes.

At present, a rising crime rate and increased disorder has put a strain on an industry that’s struggling to cope post-pandemic. Providing staff, for many companies, is becoming difficult – pay and conditions do not equate with other rates and there are less employees with the aptitude or qualifications required.

The blaming of hooliganism, BLM, drugs, and poor staff is not the answer. In reality, it’s not out of control, it is the usual mix of venues starting up again and getting used to full capacities coupled with a changing demographic.

There are always challenges and crowd behaviour is ever changing, so it’s up to all managers to make sure that events are managed in a professional and safe manner.

Read Professor Chris Kemp’s thoughts in full in this IQ Magazine article…

Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd (MOM) is a company that delivers cutting edge management consultancy and quality education provision. Professor Chris Kemp is experienced in the fields of event safety, crowd safety, emergency planning, crowd science, leadership and risk management.