Event Industry Challenges

Key event security experts gauge how the events industry is coping with current challenges in the latest edition of Access All Areas magazine (Winter edition, pages 16-22).

In the cover feature entitled ‘Securing The Future of Events’, the main concerns outlined are:

* A rise in challenging behaviours at events. It is argued that there has been a change since Covid subsided – pent-up aggression, intolerance and entitlement which have all led to a questioning of authority. One worrying trend is the increase in alcohol consumption and violence.

*A lack of experienced staff. Jobs disappeared during the pandemic and people were forced to find alternative employment leaving a shortfall.

*The onset of Protect Duty legislation. New measures, including a terrorism risk assessment, are expected to be brought in next year. Events must be prepared to implement these.

Despite these challenges, the future of the events industry is bright.

Our CEO, Professor Chris Kemp, says that companies such as the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have fantastic structures in place to control crowd behaviours. Also, despite there being a lack of staff, the outlook is good because lots more people are coming on training courses and more companies are getting involved. He also adds that when Protect Duty comes in, standards will be raised, as there will be a need for people of a certain skills level who can implement measures and monitor what’s going on.

Take a look at the Access All Areas article in full here…

Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd (MOM) is a company that delivers cutting edge management consultancy and quality education provision. Professor Chris Kemp is experienced in the fields of event safety, crowd safety, emergency planning, crowd science, leadership and risk management.