Looking back on 2022, it has been a remarkable and diverse year! Here are some of our 2022 highlights!

* We finally signed off the Wembley Steps project (after 5 years in the making!) which saw the walkway replaced by steps, allowing crowds to move more safely and securely. We worked with a fantastic team on this project; ensuring that health, safety and crowd management standards were all met. 

* We had the pleasure of working with Silverstone again on another innovative project at the British Grand Prix, focusing on directional flow and capacity reorganisation.

* Our summer was spent working with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), conducting a spectator organisational and behavioural review at cricket grounds across the UK.

* We also worked in Denmark at the Roskilde Festival with a focus on crowd behaviour, on the campsites and at the event after it returned to a ‘no restriction’ festival post Covid.

We would like thank all of our clients and associates for their continued support throughout the year and we look forward to 2023 now that events are back, bigger and brighter than ever!

Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd (MOM) is a company that delivers cutting edge management consultancy and quality education provision. Professor Chris Kemp is experienced in the fields of event safety, crowd safety, emergency planning, crowd science, leadership and risk management.