So much has been brought to the fore recently about politicians lying and why they do it I thought that I would just put together eight main reasons why politicians lie and get away with it.


Because they can get away with it without any real repercussions


Politicians have been lying for centuries, but have we really done anything about it? The answer is no. So, they can lie with impunity and have no real fear of being discovered because they can tell another lie to get them out of the lie that they have already told. If there are no sanctions, then why bother worrying if you are not going to be telling the truth. Take the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ affair where, even after the Chilcott report, absolutely nothing has been done about it.


Because politicians are steeped in self-interest and thus they don’t see themselves as objective, but subjective


This means that a policy which means so much to the country can be delivered in rhetoric but then reversed on a whim with no real damage to an individual. The public’s collective memory is short and too many people can be won over by smarm and empty speeches. Take for instance Theresa May and the promises of no General Election, yet we are on the eve of the very thing that she said – six times – would not be taking place six months ago.


Because they can hide behind the party


Politicians feel so much more strength in the unity of a U-turn, and back a leader because they are taking the flak and not them. The Tories did this only last week with their U-turn on paying wholly for your own care in old age.


Because of a lack of belief in original policies and manifesto


Why care about whether you lie or not if you don’t buy in to the promises in the first place. In this way once a U-turn is made then your real allegiances come through and it is a win, win situation. No spine, no backbone just jelly. The abolishing of fees for University students smacks of this. It won’t and can’t happen because it would leave a massive hole in the economy. A vote winner yes, but as a policy it stinks.


Because they believe in their own hype


Too many politicians today stand up and barefacedly lie to the public because they believe that just because of who they are will make it OK. However, more and more this is having an adverse effect on their careers but some still seem to bounce back. You want proof, in two words? Boris Johnson.


Because they have such short memories


Many politicians forget what they promised because their sentiments are so empty. In such cases politicians on the TV during debates and one-to-ones fail to answer questions making them look stupid. However, they continue to confound us all by not resigning or sticking it out to the bitter end. Jeremy Corbyn, Amber Rudd and the one-and-only Diane Abbott.


Because they know that the public will be reluctant to challenge them in a debate


Politicians for some reason are held in some sort of esteem, as those that are brilliant in debate and should not be challenged. However, more and more this is becoming a myth as they bumble and flounder under pressure and have obviously not prepared for the interview or debate. See the stupidity of Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn, who both got their sums wrong at vital times.


Because they can shout louder and have a wider platform to deny a lie


On listening to a recent radio programme I was appalled as politicians shouted down people questioning them and then proceeded to filibust until the question ran out of steam. This type of ruse is rude and quite frankly a show of just how inept politicians can be. Take a recent debate on 5-Live form Hartlepool and the shouting match between the MPs and the public over the closing of the steel plant. No answers, no plan and absolutely no hope for the future. It was “let’s turn our back on the North because who gives a stuff about them?” Out of sight, of Westminster. out of mind.


Because they are worthless hypocrites


Oops sorry I didn’t mean to put that in there.


It all comes down to who and what are we really voting for and at this moment in time with not long to go to the election I am quite frankly bemused by the whole thing and what the country will get out of it. It seems to be about who can make the best promises and then break them or who can have the softest or hardest Brexit. But actually, what does this all mean.


Listening to the speeches that each leader makes bores the pants of me and can be likened to being introduced to a bag of sprouts delivered well past their sell by date, tasteless, soulless, greasy, old hat and smelling rotten once delivered. No wonder so many people are at a loss what to do and where to cast their vote.