Engaging with Management Team Transformation in a Special Needs Charity: Six ways to take a fresh view on measured change

For the last six months, I have been supporting a team through a change process to ensure that the charity meets not only its obligations to their learners but also that the team faces into the changing funding and marketing environments.

The reward for me has been focused on the following six points:

  • A realisation that they must “hurry slowly” to ensure that all of the team are comfortable with the majority of significant changes taking place
  • That there will be casualties and these are often those that seem to have early buy in but find the process of loss too painful to sustain
  • New dynamic team members can cause tensions but that the short term pain is a long term gain and the team have to be resilient to overcome any doubts
  • The centre of the charities universe (the learners) never shifts but continues at the core of the decision making process
  • Effective and efficient communication at all levels must be tracked and logged to ensure framework recognition
  • Understanding that as the peaks reduce and the troughs increase, this is a good sign and not a retrograde step. It is a levelling out and coming together of many plans and processes

This team never cease to amaze me with their capacity for learning, understanding, and re-teaching, where trust, values, support and contextual understanding remain as the cornerstones of the change process.

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