As MOM turns 7 years old, what lessons have we learned along the way?

  1. There may have been a time when you believed your business to be amazing and fulfilling all of your individual needs. But, in actual fact, your business is a tiny cog in an enormous wheel.  Yes, it has a place, but don’t overestimate its worth.


  1. Partnerships are the lifeblood of any business. In many partnerships you may give a lot and only get a small amount back but quality is always better than quantity (even in many cases where money is concerned).


  1. Your reputation can take years to grow but a second to die. Never take the unethical dishonest or unreliable option as it is just not worth it. People have long memories.


  1. Everyone has an opinion and your own opinion may not always count – and that’s OK.


  1. Give yourself the time and space to think and carefully plan what you’re doing, with no distractions. If we don’t plan well enough for the future, it’s too late in the present to try and put right what wasn’t planned for in the past.  The planning phase is the most important part of the event… use the time wisely.


  1. Give your staff the trust they deserve, the flexibility they need, the responsibility they crave and they give their loyalty back a hundredfold.


  1. Change can be a very long game, but worthwhile when achieved. Changing and then changing again, as many organisations do, before the initial change is embedded, run the risk of losing great staff and ending up with a harmful business model.

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