Today a partnership was launched between Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd (CDSSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cranfield University and Mind Over Matter Consultancy (MOM) in crowded and public spaces and places security.

Through this partnership CDSSL and MOM will provide new and alternative education programmes and consultancy projects by combining resources and intellectual property to deliver new and exciting ideas. 

CDSSL supports and expands Cranfield University’s defence and security relationships in new, agile and flexible commercial directions with main business activities in consultancy, symposia, test and evaluation, and training.  Both partners have extensive experience in both the domestic and international marketplaces.

Recent projects undertaken by MOM include the securing of the Pope’s visit to Romania, the Wembley Steps Project review, and reviews of the crowd management plans at eight major stations, illustrating the type of activity that these partners could be involved in. Through a combination of security, defence and crowded space dynamics and management across a wide area of contexts and environments the possibilities for partnership are endless.  

One of the most important aspects of the partnership – and why it is so timely – is that the UK Government’s Protect Duty is currently undergoing public consultation. The ‘Protect Duty’ will create legal responsibilities for organisers and event planners to:

  • Consult internally and externally when considering Protective Security;
  • Ensure key staff have completed Counterterrorism Training;
  • Conduct Threat & Vulnerability Assessments;
  • Develop a Counterterrorism Plan;
  • Test & Exercise Plans.

The requirements are not intended to create a single set of personnel, physical and technical security measures for every venue, stadium or crowded place but instead promote a flexible and scalable response to Protective Security. Organisers and event planners are best placed to consider the nature of the event, location, crowded space, crowd demographics, accessibility, iconic nature of the location (or not), existing mitigation, current security and other unique factors that can serve to make an event attractive to threat actors. 

By understanding the context, organisers and planners can work with law enforcement agencies to identify, analyse, evaluate and deploy proportionate mitigation measures. These should integrate fully with all geographical and functional elements of the event management and emergency response plans.

It is envisaged that this partnership will enable a wide-ranging contribution to this vital document and support its development and delivery during difficult and uncertain times.

Chris Kemp, CEO of Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd., stated: “The blend of counterterrorism and crowded space management provided by this partnership will form a key driver across the globe in the protection of crowded space. The programmes created will focus on security, safety and service ensuring that an interoperable delivery is afforded to create an integrated approach to the challenges facing us.”  

Simon Harwood, Managing Director of Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd, said: “We’re very pleased to partner with MOM at this key time when the Protect Duty is undergoing public consultation. The programmes in crowd management and counterterrorism that we deliver together will assist a variety of businesses and organisations in their safety and security duties, ultimately helping to keep the public safer.”

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