Delivering crowded space education at the O2

Professor Chris Kemp reflects on the crowded space education he recently delivered to the O2 events team:

‘Today was the final module of the MOM suite taught at the O2 Arena. The programme supported staff from different areas at the O2, SES and ISG showing the interoperable approach of the O2 in providing crowded space, risk and counter terrorism education across the event delivery team.

Working in integrated groups, the teams worked through a series of exercises and scenarios where they could put their learning on the programme into practice.

I would like to thank the O2 for making the experience a valuable exercise and the facilitators learned a great deal from those participating.

Alongside this work, some of the participants took a crowd observation programme where they were observed and assessed in action and they put what they learnt on the programme into practice’

If this sort of training would benefit you, we can provide ‘in-venue’ delivery or we have some online versions of crowded space education available with Cranfield University (CDSSL). Upcoming online courses include:

  • Counterterrorism and Protective Security Awareness– 7th March
  • Assessing Risk In Major Events – 28th March
  • Managing and Supervising Crowded Space and Anti-Social Environments – 14th June

Find out more about these courses here on our website…

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