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What makes a business event stand out from the crowd?

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Eight Key Aspects of Event Delivery When clients come to me looking for something different we spend a long time creating just the right bespoke programme that is balanced, not too much fun, is a meaningful experience and one that they will remember for a long time. When I worked in a university top team [...]

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Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce: Members

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Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd is now a member of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. Aspiring to be the leading voice of business, the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce provides services that promote and create opportunities for the Thames Valley business community. Read more about what they do at http://www.thamesvalleychamber.co.uk

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The All-Female Festival: Why did it have to come to this?

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Having returned from working at Roskilde Festival last week it is clear that culture has a part to play in the way that we respect gender. Females squatting and urinating at the festival is as common as men using trees and fences and no one bats an eyelid as the equality and respectfulness of this […]

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Could you and your team benefit from an Extreme Away Day?

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Try one of our four Extreme Away Days – #BlowYouAwayDays. These experiences are not for the faint hearted as you step into this interactive, highly-pressurised environment. You will leave having accomplished things you never thought possible. These programmes are unique in the way in which they focus on dynamic experimential learning and specifically how those […]

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Be Blown Away by Extreme Away Days

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#BlowYouAwayDays #UltimateGP Join Callum Macleod for a TweetChat today 7-8pm and find out more about our Ultimate Grand Prix Experience. The Ultimate Grand Prix (UGP) takes place at Silverstone Race Circuit. It is one of our four current Away Days programmes for High Performers run by world-class leaders in their fields. This innovative leadership and […]

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Distraction: A Communication Exercise

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A communication exercise lead by Professor Chris Kemp. People have to build an item whilst given instruction. Then the rest of the group cheer loudly whilst they do it. It becomes impossible for them to complete the task. Designed to mimic working at an event.

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